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Management Team    |    Ten Year Sales History

Systemax Inc. (NYSE: SYX) is a Fortune 1000 company and leading retailer of brand name and private label products, including personal computers, notebook computers, consumer electronics, computer-related accessories, technology supplies and industrial products.

Our multi-faceted marketing and distribution includes e-commerce websites, catalogs, retail stores and direct sales representatives. The 5000+ people we employ are dedicated to serving our customers across North America and EMEA.

Our Strategy
Through an efficient and diversified multi-channel marketing system, we provide customers a unique shopping experience by offering the best prices and service on a broad range of products and services.

Our Customers
Our diverse clients include major corporations, small-to-medium sized businesses, value added resellers, government organizations and individual consumers.

1949 Global Equipment Company founded by Michael and Paul Leeds in Queens, New York as a materials handling business.
1972 Direct marketing begins with first mail order catalog distributed as Global Industrial Products.
1977 Bruce and Robert Leeds join company after college graduation. Annual sales approximately
$3 million.
1981 Global Computer Supplies founded and begins selling computer equipment and supplies.
1982 Richard Leeds joins company after college graduation.
1986 Dartek acquired (founded in 1981 in Chicago and now part of TigerDirect).
1987 Sales exceed $100 million.
1989 Corporate headquarters established in Port Washington, New York.
1990 Computer supply business founded in Scotland (now part of MISCO UK).
1991 Computer supply business founded in Paris, France (now MISCO France).
1992 MISCO acquired (founded in 1980s in UK, Germany, Italy, Spain and Canada; Canada subsequently renamed TigerDirect.ca).
1993 Employees exceed 1,000.
1995 Global Directmail founded as parent company in preparation for IPO.
1995 IPO on NYSE.
1995 TigerDirect acquired (founded in 1987 in Miami, Florida as Tiger Software).
1996 Employees exceed 2,000.
1997 06 Software acquired (founded in 1985 in Amsterdam, Netherlands; renamed MISCO Holland).
1997 Midwest Micro and Infotel acquired (founded in 1982 in Fletcher, Ohio; Midwest Micro renamed Systemax Manufacturing).
1997 Sales exceed $1 billion.
1998 Company listed in Fortune 1000 for first time.
1998 Dabus acquired (founded in 1963 in Lidkoping, Sweden; renamed MISCO Sweden).
1998 Employees exceed 3,000.
1999 Employees exceed 4,000.
1999 Global Directmail changes name to Systemax.
2000 TigerDirect opens first stand-alone retail store in Miami, Florida.
2005 Sales exceed $2 billion.
2008 CompUSA assets acquired (founded in 1984 as Soft Warehouse in Addison, Texas).
2008 Sales exceed $3 billion.
2009 Circuit City assets acquired (founded in 1949 as Wards Company in Richmond, Virginia).
2009 2009 WStore Europe acquired (founded in 1980s in France and UK).
2010 Employees exceed 5,000.

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