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Management Team    |    Ten Year Sales History

Systemax Inc. (NYSE: SYX) is a Fortune 1000 company and leading retailer of brand name and private label products, including industrial, material handling and supplies, personal computers, notebook computers, technology supplies, consumer electronics and computer-related accessories.

Our multi-faceted marketing and distribution includes e-commerce websites, catalogs, and direct sales representatives. The 3000+ people we employ are dedicated to serving our customers across the United States, Canada and EMEA.

Our Strategy
Through an efficient and diversified multi-channel marketing system, we provide customers a unique shopping experience by offering the best prices and service on a broad range of products and services.

Our Customers
Our diverse clients include major corporations, small-to-medium sized businesses, value added resellers, government organizations and individual consumers.

History Timeline
1949 -   Global Equipment Company founded by Michael and Paul Leeds in Queens, New York as a materials handling business.

1972 -   Direct marketing begins with first mail order catalog distributed as Global Industrial Products.
1977 -   Bruce and Robert Leeds join company after college graduation. Annual sales approximately $3 million.

1981 -   Global Computer Supplies founded and begins selling computer equipment and supplies.
1982 -   Richard Leeds joins company after college graduation.
1986 -   Dartek acquired (founded in 1981 in Chicago and now part of TigerDirect).
1987 -   Sales exceed $100 million.
1989 -   Corporate headquarters established in Port Washington, New York.

1990 -   Computer supply business founded in Scotland (now part of MISCO UK).
1991 -   Computer supply business founded in Paris, France (now MISCO France).
1992 -   MISCO acquired (founded in 1980s in UK, Germany, Italy, Spain and Canada; Canada subsequently renamed TigerDirect.ca).
1993 -   Employees exceed 1,000.
1995 -   Global Directmail founded as parent company in preparation for IPO.
1995 -   IPO on NYSE.
1995 -   TigerDirect acquired (founded in 1987 in Miami, Florida as Tiger Software).
1996 -   Employees exceed 2,000.
1997 -   06 Software acquired (founded in 1985 in Amsterdam, Netherlands; renamed MISCO Holland).
1997 -   Midwest Micro and Infotel acquired (founded in 1982 in Fletcher, Ohio; Midwest Micro renamed Systemax Manufacturing).
1997 -   Sales exceed $1 billion.
1998 -   Company listed in Fortune 1000 for first time.
1998 -   Dabus acquired (founded in 1963 in Lidkoping, Sweden; renamed MISCO Sweden).
1998 -   Employees exceed 3,000.
1999 -   Employees exceed 4,000.
1999 -   Global Directmail changes name to Systemax

2000 -   TigerDirect opens first stand-alone retail store in Miami, Florida.
2005 -   Sales exceed $2 billion.
2008 -   CompUSA assets acquired (founded in 1984 as Soft Warehouse in Addison, Texas).
2008 -   Sales exceed $3 billion.
2009 -   Circuit City assets acquired (founded in 1949 as Wards Company in Richmond, Virginia).
2009 -   2009 WStore Europe acquired (founded in 1980s in France and UK).

2010 -   Employees exceed 5,000.
2014 -  

SCC NL acquired (founded in 1970s in the Netherlands; renamed Misco Solutions in 2015).

2015 -   Plant Equipment Group consisting of C&H Distributors, Products For Industry, IS.com, Avenue Supply (Canada), and C&H Productos (Mexico) acquired.
2015 -   North American Technology Group sold to PCM.
2016 -   Misco Germany sold to Cancom.

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